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Jamie Janek

Height: 5'3"

Motion Pictures

Go Back to China                              Supporting            Emily Ting
Heartland Prisoner                             Supporting            Cicado Songs Prod.

The Skinny                                        Lead                     Izzy Hyams

Babymoon                                        Lead                     Joe Mackendanz

My Trip Back to the Dark Side             Co-Star                 Shane Stanley 
Huntin' Bigfoot                                  Lead                     Tom Pearson
Courtship, Sex, Commitment               Lead                     Daniel McDermott
Delivered                                          Supporting            Michael Madison
My Trip to the Dark Side                     Co-Star                 Shane Stanley

The City                                            Supporting            James Vogel

The Class                                          Lead                     Wayne Williams

Worst Boogeyman Ever                      Lead                     Brandon Fisher

Hunting Buddies                                 Supporting            Bill Cooper


Missing Time                        Co-Star                   Investigation Discovery    
My Haunted House               Lead                      Lifetime
Sex Sent me to the ER            Co-Star                  TLC
The Doctors                          Guest Star              NBC Ep 4 #123
Shortcomings                       Featured                 Ben Giroux



Current Passport
Current Driver's License

Local Hire List Available


Soprano- Studied Classical, Musical Theatre


Dance- Musical Theatre, Jazz, Basic Hip-Hop


Can Ride a horse

Play Basic Tennis

Can swim - basic strokes/skills

Child wrangler


Dialects- Minnesotan, Brooklyn, Alabama Southern. 

Rose Bowl Queens (world Premiere)        Zoey                 Kay Cole, The Lounge Theatre

Robber Bridegroom                               Rosamund         Minneapolis Musical Theatre

Who Doesn't Love Dix                           Dix                   Vitello's Theatre

A Christmas Carol East Coast Tour          Ghost Past          Troupe America

Joseph and... Dreamcoat                       Narrator            Morris Park Players

Criminal Hearts                                    Ata                   MSUM Theatre

Western Civilization...(Abridged)           Dee                   Straw Hat Players


Del Taco- Voice -  Dec 2016- July 2018

Acuvue- Voice Over

Blue Buffalo Pet Food

Grand Casino

Meijer Halloween


Training & Workshops

Pretty Funny Women

Lesly Kahn Comedy Intensive


Killian's Commerical Class

Business of Acting- Bonnie Gillespie

Acting Intensive- Barry Papick

Scene Study - Jeffrey Brooks, Inner Circle Theatre


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