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I thought you'd never ask!

Jamie Janek wanted to be a supermodel; don't laugh.  Her sister was quick to inform her that she was too short and it would never happen.  Dreams of walking the runway were shattered, but as one route closed she started exploring all the other options she could take to make it big in entertainment.  She went from dancing, to singing, and then to theater.  Theater is where she discovered comedy was a "thing people got paid to do". She fell in love and has never turned back.

Moving from Minnesota to LA at the ripe age of 27, she worked through all the stereotypical actor pitfalls and successes.  Finding improv first with groundlings and UCB, then moving into sketch comedy. She co-founded GinBlo Productions with her associate Laura Hartley, which has produced successful comedy sketches featured on Whohaha, Funny or Die, and NewNowNext.  Performing in stand up for two years has felt like a home she is building -- finding her foundation and meticulously decorating each space.  She also gave NYC city a shot after the pandemic had her life turned upside down.  She has finally settled, for now in the Minneapolis Market. 

Jamie strives for her comedy stylings to bring love and light to the world like the powerful comediennes she has come to know. Her coming into this world is like if Anna Kendrick and Robin Williams had a baby -- a speaks-her-heart-and-mind loud, tiny human.

When Jamie is not on stage or in front of the screen, you can find her busting her ass writing new content, editing footage, shooting events and headshots, or in development for the next funniest content created by powerful women.

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